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What is the Club Permit Scheme?
Commonly called "The CPS Scheme", VicRoads will allow vehicles that are 25-50 years old to be on the road for a reduced fee. However, these vehicles can only be driven on the road for a maximum of 90 days in any one year. This is managed through authorized car clubs. One such club is the MMCCV.

There are three types of Permits - H plates for historical vehicles, M plates for modified vehicles and S plates for street rod vehicles.

Basically, Morries that seem pretty original are H plates and Morries with non Morris engines need M plates. Once you have modified a vehicle you will need to have a VASS certificate (check the VicRoads web site for more information) for this vehicle.

VicRoads has announced the continuation of the Club Plate Numbering Scheme into the future and what that numbering will be.

There are obligations involved in holding a club permit for your vehicle.
   -  You must carry and fill in the log book every day you drive it.
   -  If you don't, then your vehicle is deemed to be an unregistered vehicle.
   -  You cannot drive your vehicle in an un-roadworthy condition on any Australian road.

If the club becomes aware of an un-roadworthy CPS vehicle, they are obliged to ask you to fix it in a specified time and then report the repairs of your vehicle to VicRoads.

The MMCCV Club Permit Scheme Officer, (CPS Officer), Geoff Shepherd, is a hard working volunteer and can be contacted to sort out any queries.
Until he returns to the State, CPS matters can be handled by:



It is the Club Member's responsibility to send renewals and applications in a timely manner.

Neither the MMCCV, nor the CPS Officer, will start any of the following processes.



  1. You must be a paid-up club member of the MMCCV for a minimum of six months.
  2. You must include $20 in cash or cheque, payable to the MMCCV
When applying for a Permit for a ....
Morris Minor Please send a Current RWC, with Proof of Ownership, Vic Roads Club Permit application, Vehicle eligibility and standard declaration for club permit vehicle.
Non-Morris Minor The request must be accompanied by all of the above plus proof of current registration of a Morris Minor, held in the name of the applicant.

In addition to the above, include six (6) recent photos of the vehicle, namely,

  1. the Front,
  2. Rear
  3. Driver's side
  4. Driving position (side-on with driver's door open)
  5. Chassis number or ID plate
  6. the Engine bay.

You must clearly sign and date the rear side of each of the 6 Photos.


Do not forget to sign your renewal application.

If not signed, it will be returned to you and so waste valuable time and postage.

Please send a stamped self-addressed envelope plus VicRoads forms. No Photos needed.

Remember it is your responsibility to renew on time. There will be no reminders sent out.


A vehicle is not eligible for a Club Permit if any of the following conditions exist ...


There is a lot more information available from the following website:

You can download the following forms and guides here:

Note:- These forms and guides are pdf files and will require you to have a pdf reader installed on your system.