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proposed 19th national rally 2018


Australian Morris Minor Car Clubs' 19th National Rally celebrating 70 years of the Morris Minor

A message on behalf of the Canberra Region Morris Minor Club Inc

Australian Morris Minor Car Clubs 19th National Rally organising committee

Morris Minor Clubs Presidents, Secretaries, Members,

It's hard to believe that it's been 21 years since the Canberra Region Morris Minor Club hosted a national rally in its region (mainly because the number of Easter events here made accommodation and facilities almost impossible to book) but we're about to put that to rights.

At the Victoria delegates' meeting, we flagged an event to be held in conjunction with the Australian Morris Minor Car Clubs, for the weekend of Friday September 21 to Sunday September 23, 2018. This would be the 19th National Rally, to mark the 70th anniversary of the production of the first Morris Minor. We were encouraged by the positive reception our proposal received and, as time is pressing, we need some indication of intending numbers to help with planning.

We are developing a comprehensive program, including opportunities for the sort of camaraderie that has highlighted previous rallies. Over coming months we'll regularly keep people up to date with our preparations. As a teaser we're planning to include most of the usual events associated with a National Rally; chances to catch up with MM enthusiasts, to have some fun, and to tour our wonderful region. A highlight will be a display marking the 70th anniversary, planned for central Queanbeyan.

Contrary to the bad press that's generated by our fly-in, fly out workforce, the Canberra region is one of Australia's best kept secrets. Those of us who live here full-time are proud to have this opportunity to show it off to you. We're inviting you and your members to come and see for yourselves.

At this stage, it would be very helpful for our planning (for venues and the ordering of regalia and mementoes) to have expressions of interest, including possible numbers, of people (and cars) who are considering attending. We ask you to circulate to your members or discuss this at your February club meeting and get back to us with an idea, non-binding, of participant numbers by the end of February. We're not looking for a rock-hard commitment, just a show of hands, at this stage.

To help with your planning, our regular updates will include early information about where to book accommodation, so your members can arrange to come and visit our wonderful part of the world. We would encourage members planning to attend to   email us at this rally address as early as they can so we can communicate directly with them.

We look forward to hearing from you by the end of February.

Canberra Region Morris Minor Club Inc.